Integrating my experience in front-end development, a creative touch for design,
and a passion for photography to create exceptional and effective websites


a brief history

My front-end development career began in 2003 upon graduating top of my class. My mind was full of fresh ideas, creative deisgns, and I couldn't wait to turn it all into digital media.

Fresh out of school, it seemed like I was the "jack of all trades" when I entered the work-force, and it would be my graphic design abilities that would land me my first full-time position. Although abbling in flash, mySQL, PHP along-side of the graphic design, it wasn't long before my front-end development skills were shining much brighter than anytthing else that I did. It was at about that point I found my "niche". Front-end development.

A few years later, I found myself leaving London, Ontario and moving onto bigger and better things, that is: Toronto. My job in toronto provided me with many fantastic opportunities to work on challanging and exciting projects for some high-profile clients. My skill-set hasn't looked back since.


  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • cross-browser compatability
  • Ease-of-use design
  • User-oriented interface design
  • PHP / mySQL

My focus is to integrate creativity with functionality. I continuously strive to better my skills in order to write clean, reusable and most importantly functional code.